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Murder On The Beach

Lately the call of adventure has beckons me to find out who is killing who lately.  A good spring read soothes the soul if a ten-year old glass of anything isn’t available. Besides you might need it after reading James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’s Swimsuit. That book should give everybody something to think about before hitting those beaches for summer love. That might not be a concern to those not near a beach right now.  But all is fair game in Florida most of the year.  Never believe beasts, chicks, children nor parents are safe with the monster Patterson and Paetro created. The book was good stuff but proof of their monster’s comeuppance was a little suspect.

Which brings to mind some compelling questions, do predators take holidays?  If they do, where do they go to celebrate?   What are their cocktail stories like at the office parties?  Well, I know somebody that I can call.  Well I can’t actually call Detective AL Wright.  But I can put fingers to keys to wake him up or at least join him on the next trail of blood.

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