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Evil Is A Winding Road; D. a.; a. Fletcher.54/ Excerpt Some men embrace their destiny propelling themselves from a lowly status of normalcy to greatness. This attribute is true of me. It will probably become a character staple of any foe of my choosing.  Other men dwell in fear and shame keeping their heads down hoping to never […]

R. Narvaez’s Roach Killer And Other Stories

R. Narvaez’s Roach Killer And Other Stories.

R. Narvaez’s Roach Killer And Other Stories

This is the time of year when commercialism influences almost everything.   Usually seasonal chaos bullies us into invitations and shopping depriving of the world of undisturbed reading.  E-readers make it easy for us to read without anyone being the wiser that it isn’t a holiday tale that captivates us. This season author R. Narvaez had […]