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Nail Media Coverage In 3 Steps

dsc_3584[1] Alana MunroAlana Munro’s article   My Book – The Media Coverage  offers some sage advice. Munro cuts through the publicity clutter to get an important job done.    Munro’s solution involves a simple three – step plan. It can’t get any simpler. Consider her three simple steps for yourself:

Step 1 –Munro   wrote the book.

Step 2 – Munro contacted a media professional

Step 3 – Munro showed up willing to put her work out there.

Promoting your book may not go that easy for most writers. Most professional peers suggests developing resiliency and a heaping amount of optimism.

Another alternative is to find a team willing to help you prepare your work for market. Skimping is this area will only hurt your market exposure.  Writers in the market, are you unhappy about your numbers? It is never too late to reshape your platform. At least consider these three steps:

Step 1 – Have a compelling product offer. Publishing is a business. Your book is your product.

Step 2 – Know where to market your product. This requires time and research. Did I write time and research? I will write it again. It is just that important.

Step 3 – Develop a team outside of your personal network to ensure your product flourishes.

Most writers do not have a direct connection for receptive media coverage.  Lack does not have to be a permanent roadblock.  Find someone or a team who will take you beyond your contacts. The F3WSINC Team is one alternative that comes to mind. No publicity project is too small.  Or We Eat Books is just great for literary Visit their website for more information. Get   closer to your publishing goals.

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