D. A. Fletcher was born in Linz, Austria to a military family. Growing up an army brat meant access, yet no access on military bases around the world. Those who share this life understand.

From childhood to marriage, reading by flashlight under blankets provided escape from chilling experiences and life’s stress. Most of those chilling moments would cease if recall of morning cases were left at the office. The stress part; well that’s life. Fletcher has packed away citations for civic duty, global inclusion models, investigative practices and training laymen in forensic techniques of exploitation cases.

Family, movies, and reading always helped Fletcher move beyond crisis assessment, investigations, and university obligations. Fletcher’s decision to write really evolved out of a state of character possession. It’s a writer’s thing. An imagined cast of relentless characters followed Fletcher around for years presenting scenario after scenario. They finally began to interfere with work.  Sending three almost young adults off to college freed up time to put eclectic heroes and unnerving villains on paper. Now these characters are free to stage their disturbing exploits whenever. Fletcher describes it as, “My imagination has grown legs and gone wild.”   So Fletcher was forced to succumb to the call of writing outside of academia. To reel in these characters, Fletcher joined local writing groups serving as president of one.

Looking at Fletcher’s work smacked me into focus. Probing to understand the aftermath for victims and their predators on a daily basis can be challenging. As in real life, no matter what the circumstances or relationships, adversities are bound to bleed over into our havens. Then we want to know if anyone knows a guy or girl.  Even if you do, the characters in Fletcher’s Detective AL Wright and the Women Of Emeralduade (WOE) series will transport you into a world of alternatives. It’s adventure and carnage all the way.  So relax, enjoy the ride life gives you. Life is a mystery. Sometimes it can be murder.

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