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Nail Media Coverage In 3 Steps

Alana Munro’s article   My Book – The Media Coverage  offers some sage advice. Munro cuts through the publicity clutter to get an important job done.    Munro’s solution involves a simple three – step plan. It can’t get any simpler. Consider her three simple steps for yourself: Step 1 –Munro   wrote the book. Step 2 – Munro contacted a media […]

Win Contests

Seven Ways To Win A Story Contest Would You Like to Win a Short Story Contest? What do judges look for when awarding prizes in a story contest? You’d expect every reader to bring their prejudices to the table – and they do – but professional judges usually agree to a remarkable degree on which […]

Rankin’s 10 Rules for Writing Fiction

Apologies and Microrants. . . Are You Listening?

Usually blogs don’t start with apologies.  Today I am breaking that rule to establish my premise for breaking subsequent rules. Cliché, yes but please be patient. You deserve a jewel for tolerating my meager apologies.  I do bear gifts.    First I apologize to my followers for the lack of consistent publishing. Know that finding you […]

R. Narvaez’s Roach Killer And Other Stories

R. Narvaez’s Roach Killer And Other Stories.

R. Narvaez’s Roach Killer And Other Stories

This is the time of year when commercialism influences almost everything.   Usually seasonal chaos bullies us into invitations and shopping depriving of the world of undisturbed reading.  E-readers make it easy for us to read without anyone being the wiser that it isn’t a holiday tale that captivates us. This season author R. Narvaez had […]

Better Writing In 10 Steps

Better Writing In 10 Steps.