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Ben Marcus Talks About His Novel The Flame Alphabet

Ben Marcus Talks About His Novel The Flame Alphabet.

Designing the Interior of your novel

Originally posted on Law Reigns:
Whoever believes interior design is an art must be deathly in love with the craft. I find it to be a science more along the lines of physics. Even though I am not a novice, using Adobe Indesign to construct the interior of my novel was not as easy as…

Detective A.L. Wright Series

Detective A.L. Wright Series.

Another Body . . . Another Dollar

We work hard and deserve some fun.  A swim at the beach would be just the thing. Unfortunately I can’t get to the ocean shore. A floater wearing nothing but jewelry came in with the tide.   All the response vehicles are in the way. Who can get pass EMS, news trucks and tourists?  Not even […]

Murder On The Beach

Lately the call of adventure has beckons me to find out who is killing who lately.  A good spring read soothes the soul if a ten-year old glass of anything isn’t available. Besides you might need it after reading James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’s Swimsuit. That book should give everybody something to think about before hitting […]

Pulitzer Snubs Fiction: What’s next? Authors, Book stores, E-books, and Indies, Oh My

This week the New York times reports The Pulitzer Prize Board at Columbia University in New York declined to name a winner for the highly coveted prize for fiction. It’s an incident that has not occurred since 1977. No surprise here.  The industry is in the middle of another wrestling match. Court battles and technology […]

Three Eighty Two

Detective A. L. Wright returns from his vacation considering plans for the twilight of his career.  Fortunate for him, two provocative women present similar options bundled with their own brand of reasoning. One, his former partner, is crossing over to a darker side.  The other woman, well it’s not clear whether she is a victim […]

Meet A. L. Wright

Detective A. L. Wright is the everyday hero you call when mayhem grips your life.  A dream job gave him access to boardrooms, exotic locals, and socialites. His life was every man’s fantasy. A chance encounter changed his life.  Now he carries a shield stalking demons of the worst kind. Relentless, Wright will win the […]