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Another Body . . . Another Dollar

We work hard and deserve some fun.  A swim at the beach would be just the thing. Unfortunately I can’t get to the ocean shore. A floater wearing nothing but jewelry came in with the tide.   All the response vehicles are in the way. Who can get pass EMS, news trucks and tourists?  Not even the tourists have the desire to walk three blocks and get stuck in the parking tower.  The five dollars for parking is better spent on one of those exotic drinks. You know the green ones with oranges and pineapples on the rim and cherries in the bottom. I might as well turn this jeep around and head home.  There is no white sand between the toes today.  Everybody except Detective Wright is here. Where is he, anyway?

Rumor has that his life is about to change. The word on the street is something about his past and the Suits. That could explain his no show. According to Bay City’s Post, questions arose about a move he made on one of his preps. He probably had his reasons. He is not likely to share them. Wright is the type to kiss a few. It’s not likely that you will get him to tell. It drives the Suits crazy. The no tell thing is also why everybody on the streets seems to give him mad props.

The next likely move would be to ask his partner.  No can do. She is also MIA.  Well when my laptop comes up; I will try to find him. Oh, did I mention there are plenty of other beaches in Bay City? Around here nothing stops fun in the sun. One little body shouldn’t scare you away.  It’s just a little murder.

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