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Body Found After Derby…A. L. Wright On The Trail

Most people follow the money after crimes are committed. In Kentucky, A. L. Wright knows you follow the sporting. The race had been run. Business was settled. Money exchanged hand fast enough to singe the surface of greasy hands waiting to make it legitimate. Most of the tourists were hung over and snuggled away wherever […]

Another Body . . . Another Dollar

We work hard and deserve some fun.  A swim at the beach would be just the thing. Unfortunately I can’t get to the ocean shore. A floater wearing nothing but jewelry came in with the tide.   All the response vehicles are in the way. Who can get pass EMS, news trucks and tourists?  Not even […]

Murder On The Beach

Lately the call of adventure has beckons me to find out who is killing who lately.  A good spring read soothes the soul if a ten-year old glass of anything isn’t available. Besides you might need it after reading James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’s Swimsuit. That book should give everybody something to think about before hitting […]