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Justice Tilts When You Write

Kate Mesic

Florida Sister In Crime’s valiant president, Pam Wells managed to pull attorney Kate Mesic away from her Saturday morning sessions of family, hiking, Zumba, or other weekend pleasures to speak at our May meeting. FLSinC was grateful for generosity and patience Mesic extended to our guest and members. The Southeast Regional Library conference room burgeon with aspiring writers, fans of reading, and guests. Someone let the secret out that Mesic translates legal issues in both English and Russian.

This morning our writings of case discovery entanglements were dissipating into documents for file thirteen. Mesic’s credentials and sage advice are rooted in a legal career that started in Ocala, Florida, as an Assistant State Attorney for the Fifth Judicial Circuit. While there, Mesic prosecuted hundreds of criminal cases and tried over twenty jury trials, ranging from Domestic Battery to DUIs. She now practices in Jacksonville at her own firm. Her humorous deliberations of do’s and don’t s for clients and case strategy indicated that Mesic enjoys being good at what she does.

She skillfully suggested little case nuances that make the difference in writing what is plausible or what makes one appear to be lost in legal conundrums. This morning’s audience was particularly interested in DUIs. I guess writer’s characters are probably having too much fun before they get behind the wheel.  Mystery and suspense writers do tend to develop at least one character that is a two-fisted drinker.  I am never sure of what that really means. Does that mean a drink in each hand or a glass taller than two fist stacked?  Now you see why our characters have all the fun.

It was also fun watching Mesic subtly command our attention. We sat attentively before a master. This Jacksonville Women’s Lawyers Association  member appears to be a formidable legal foe.  Her presentation was succinct with visuals and technical expertise to captivate the legally bound or novice like me who want to avoid legal issues at all cost.  If you are in legal peril, attorney Mesic is the one to call.  She finesses those little nuances that can tilt those legal scales in your favor. She understands the devil is in the details. Her delivery of those details won over everyone in the room.  Watching our audience’s dim eyes transition from the need coffee, need it now glaze to that eureka moment sparkle forced my pen to race across my pad. Not one word went undocumented. My late arrival had deprived me enough.

As a member of other writing groups, I attempt to attend as many meetings when I can.  Because of other commitments, I rarely make any of these meetings on time.  No disrespect is ever intended on my part. I’m just an over extended person trying to carve out something special for myself.   This morning it appeared that I almost missed a special brand of intrigue and strategic savvy.  It was good to discover some of those options presented by Mesic. I get an automatic quiver when I think of one. To clam up and spend the night in jail until speaking an attorney in a DUI situation would be a challenge for me. So I abstain from drinking and driving. I’m working on the keep my mouth shut thing. Thank goodness I recognized an expert in my presence. Accomplished in her field, Mesic made a gracious exit jesting, “I’m leaving my cards but I hope you won’t ever have to use them.” The verdict is in without any jury. Attorney Mesic, it was a pleasure to share a Saturday morning with you.

Mesic, Kate
Law Offices of Yekaterina Mesic, PA
1912 Hamilton Street, Suite 204
Jacksonville, FL 32210
(904)388.4030 || Fax (904) 328-2081 || kate@mesiclaw.com


One comment on “Justice Tilts When You Write

  1. Dear Debra, thank you for your kind words, I truly enjoyed speaking to this wonderful group of women. Our discussion was lively and interesting, I did not want to leave!

    Once again, thank you so much for inviting me and allowing me to share some of the more interesting of my practice.


    Kate Mesic

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