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Author Kellie Sharpe

Last week I attended the mini workshop presentation TAKING THE FEAR AND LOATHING OUT OF TWITTER. It was presented by Kellie Sharpe, a fellow Ancient City Romance Authors (ACRA) member.  Kellie writes in both historical fiction and romance genres. Kellie is also a Cracker Jack researcher who knows how to bring a subject home. Her Twitter presentation was casually laced with formidable information transporting a tech novice from twitter oblivion into the world of hip tweeting web presence. Her analogy, think of twitter as a writer’s 24/7 conference brought the platform home to me.  In a week I went from no knowledge, no tweets or followers to communicating across cultures, generations, and platforms.  

Kellie’s command of her subject is always stellar. Don’t take my word for it. Visit her website at http://summerstephensauthor.com. Her article on metadata beats anything given to students on many regional campuses. I could have used this document at least four semesters ago. I promised only to borrow and give credit if I ever raise my head from the network to teach Twittering.  Leaving a copy of her rubric/outline out for my colleague to see was not beneath me yesterday. I know bad, bad faculty/writer. I am duly slapping my wrist. Academia does not always play well with those of us who love our fiction no matter what the genre.  

When Kellie takes on a subject you had better listen. She uses her talent and wisdom to share all kinds of tidbits for writers.  We go on all sorts of knowledge tangents with her.  Never did I think the subliminal value of communicating an idea in less than one hundred and forty characters makes one clever.  Well, according to twitter.com it does. They demanded me to be so when my first tweet went over the one hundred and forty characters. I adapted so now I am clever.  Well let’s just say I am working towards concise.  This skill is sure to put my relationship with my dean in peril. By nature he expects me to expound upon issues. Concise had been extracted from   my vocabulary and replaced by the title faculty.  Kellie’s presentation of twitter can rescue those like me who suffer from verbosity.   

Write it under one hundred and forty or it will not be heard resonates through my head as my fingers beat across my keyboard. I willing fall prey to another do it now or else command.  Whatever will become of me? I will prime for online marketing. I think I will be alright. I have Kellie’s wisdom saving me from the data backdrop of tweeting.   It’s a dangerously fun way to become distracted. Almost as much fun as Kellie’s His Sweetest Magnolia due out soon on SmashWords.  It’s certain to be a very sweet distraction.

Kellie you are a wonder. You’ve   informed us on twitter protocol. You’ve managed to teach us how to say more with less and see the value in twitter rather than be a social twit on-line.  There are many tweeters out there who need your help. They can’t have you.  We at ACRA have dibs.  Thank you for your generosity.  Drop by an ACRA meeting and maybe we will share. ACRA’s meetings are open to the public. Membership is open to all RWA members. Additional information regarding membership requirements and ACRA’s writer’s boot camp is available at http://ancientcityromanceauthors.blogspot.com.

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