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Finishing Your Sentence…..

Of course some of the most profound words are often spoken and written by other writers.  Some times it overwhelms me. Other times I just have to share them or obliteration of all my coherent thoughts will dissipate into thin air.  That is just one of the curses of being a writer.  We are compelled to document even the most inciting incident.  Today is one of those mornings.

My inbox brought a prolific seed of wisdom via literary agent Rachael Gardner.   Ms.  Gardner’s blog posted the article below on her blog. I am sharing it with you. Please visit her  website, Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent.   You won’t regret it.  Thank me later, enjoy.

Posted: 13 Sep 2012 09:33 PM PDT

Behind every great novelist - grant snider

Ms Gardner wrote, I saw this comic on Facebook (thanks Sandie!) and found that it came from “Incidental Comics,” the website of Grant Snider. Grant has this to say about it:

“This illustration appears in the New York Times Book Review alongside a review by Christopher Benfey of John Sutherland’s “Lives of the Novelists.” Sutherland’s book profiles a long list of notable writers and the personal events that may or may not have influenced their creative output. I tried to distill the typical experience of a literary icon into nine small panels. I’m certain that many of our great writers have worked in a coal mine and owned a small poodle.”

So my question for you today is, how do you complete the sentence?

Behind every great writer is…

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