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Vic DiGenti Brings Down The Furies After Windrusher

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Vic DiGenti

Victor DiGenti, author of the soon to be released Bring Down The Furies is a true renaissance man. This is his second installment of the Quint Mitchell Mystery series. In 2007 Matanzas Bay, a previous novel won the Josiah W. Bancroft Sr. Award. Matanzas Bay went on to be named a Book of the Year in the 2009 Royal Palm Literary Awards Competition before it was published under the pen name Parker Francis.

There was no surprise there. DiGenti (aka Parker Francis) has always been deeply connected to a prolific muse. His broadcasting credentials include stints as a reporter, a producer for public affairs and documentaries projects. DiGenti has also been very generous to the Jacksonville community. For eight years spearheaded a tireless team of volunteers bringing the vision of the Jacksonville Jazz Festival. This event continues to catapult Jacksonville to the forefront attracting thousands. It’s a memorable potpourri of musical experiences. Crowds got to marvel at the local talent as well as national artists.

You must go this year. Ms. Patti Austin, one of my favorite musicians is headlining. Austin’s vocal repertoire makes her a true instrument. DiGenti moved on to his next plateau of contributions. The Jacksonville Film Festival became the next beneficiary. Its April 2012 event continued in the tradition ofhighlighting Jacksonville’s artistic arts and film scene. Please forgive me; I am well aware of my digression with my shameless plugs. You can blame DiGenti and a crew of exuberant volunteers that make our community a whimsical place to live. My first attendance to festival event was my one of my most memorable transplant experiences. All JAX Transplants nod.

Now DiGenti’s career path appears to have taken him full circle. I suspect that his passion for writing loomed behind all the fanfare. DiGenti has published an eclectic set of works in his novels. He admits he found inspiration in his household of feline critters to write three adventure/fantasies with a feline protagonist. The Windrusher series includes– Windrusher, Windrusher and the Cave of

Tho-hoth, and Windrusher and the Trail of Fire (Ocean Publishing) — have won multiple awards attracting readers of all ages. Young readers at my house absconded with my copies preventing me from getting DiGenti’s autograph on any of them.

Now here I am years later about to introduce him at the June meeting at Florida Sisters In Crime (FLSinC) meeting with no books in hand to get my autographs. I am shaming fans everywhere. Volunteering at the Jazz Festival, Film Festival, and now at FLSinC without any of books in tow for his signature is just my lot. Being a fan with history instead of a stalker is not so bad. All is not lost. DiGenti is sure to generously share his expertise at our FLSinC meeting. Like me, you can get your copies and autographs at the end of the meeting.

Join us at the Deerwood Branch Jacksonville Public Library 10599 Deerwood Park Blvd on June from 10:00-12:00p.m. Please visit http: http://www.floridasistersincrime.com for additional information.

One comment on “Vic DiGenti Brings Down The Furies After Windrusher

  1. I love Patti Austin too! Great singer! Thanks for this post, Emily

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