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What do Tim Felix, Aiden James, and Laura Kaye have in common?

 What does an indie writer, an accomplished journalist, and a romance writer have in common?  

They all offer a chance to look into a world that is otherwise obscure from our vision.  Felix Timothy’s IonShaker starts with a secret.  The streets of LA can be a seductive playground for tattered dreams and twisted emotions. It’s the promise of the next call, another shot, or just plain old hope the next time you turn the corner.

 It the same kind of hope that keeps us wanton.  One or two interludes on a steamy night might not hurt. It’s the morning after that will get you. Looking for the perfect date. How about some torrid moments with the mysterious stranger. Well good luck with that. Another option is to read. Laura Kaye’s Hearts in Darkness.

Once in a while my discoveries brings some surprises.  Just like turning the corner on a leisurely stroll ( Do people still do that? Digressing, apologies). Anyway, what you passed is out of sight. Fate just waits to step in giving you all the wrong options. The peril can be enticing. Resolution is complete seduction. You don’t have to wonder.  Just pick up   Aiden James’ Deadly Night. It  is that sort of read.  The possibilities are endless when a country singer found dead along with two close associates in Nashville’s esteemed West End.

  So check these titles.  escape. So check out the books below. You never know who or what you might discover.

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